Special Event Video

Moving Images Multimedia is a special event video production company.  How do we go about creating a video? It all begins with a plan and a vision.  This can be accomplished with a detailed script or simply a schedule of the day’s event.  Depending upon the complexity of your project this is where we can begin to determine how much time and support is required.  Acquiring the assets needed for your project includes scheduling dates and videotaping, selecting any animated backgrounds and motion elements to stimulate your audience, previewing any production music that may be used and ensuring we have assembled all of the required media.

Identifying which footage we will use in the editing process and then storing it on our extremely reliable professional hard drives is the next step in building your project.  Here’s when we import music tracks, photos and images.  But in this brave new world of computer-based editing we can import files at any time allowing you the client and us the production team the option of creating more elaborate elements that can be added later.

After organizing all of your media into neatly categorized bins on our computer, Moving Images Multimedia can then begin assembling the rough cut that will provide you and us a glimpse of the general structure of the project.




Moving Images Multimedia utilizes the latest technology available whenever possible. Currently we are using the JVC GY-HM700 high definition camcorder and the SONY HXR-NX30.  Equipped with our professional camcorder we will videotape your special event.  Talent shows, dance recitals, graduations and business or organizational meetings are just a few of the events we’ve covered.

Sound is an often overlooked component of video production but not with Moving Images Multimedia.  Starting with an analysis of the environment in which we are videotaping we will determine which recording method will provide you with the best audio quality possible.

Is your sound being provided by a 3rd party contractor?  We take the time and effort to work with them so you don’t  have to.


Utilizing  Apple’s groundbreaking  Final Cut Studio® software we have madeonamac20050720over 25 years of editing experience.  With a keen eye for detail and a trained ear for nuance we bring that experience to every project we do.   From rough cut all the way to finished product we take the time and effort to meet and hopefully exceed your expectations.

When the job calls for radiant backgrounds, overlays and wipes, Moving Images Multimedia turns to Digital Juice®, the leader in royalty-free animations.  DJ-logo-3--copy-resizedWe can create a broadcast quality look to your video with animations that enhance your project by adding the visual interest your audience demands.


When your project calls for just the right photo or image we have access to the extensive library of iStockphoto®. On occasion it may be difficult to find the right video or image to convey your message. Perhaps time, budget or some other constraint prevents us from capturing the necessary component. That’s when we turn to the resources of countless contributors and photographers who submit their work for projects just like yours every week.

DVD Authoring



Preparing your video for DVD distribution is a task that includes designing a custom theme of graphic images that appear throughout the entire finished product.  We’re quite proud of our creative design of your DVD menus, labels and case inserts.  Navigation for the DVD can include a main menu design, 1 or more sub menus, a play all feature and custom chapter pointsso that your viewer can skip right to the content that interests them the most.  After encoding your video the DVD authoring process continues with ensuring buttons work properly and navigation is simple and well defined.  The final step is duplication.  We utilize high quality hydro-shield DVD-R media that ensure quality disc printing and duplication.