Keith Betts,

As a young man Keith Betts had an early infatuation growing up with a transistor radio in hand and later with his first reel-to reel tape machine.  He received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication from what at that time was known as Trenton State College.  Keith served an internship as a broadcast copywriter for WHWH-AM and WPST-FM radio stations which were located in the wonderful Ivy League college town of Princeton, New Jersey.  As a copywriter of broadcast commercials Keith was introduced to the concept of pleasing the client.  Working with the on-air talent to bring his broadcast copy to life was a wonderful learning experience.

Mr. Betts began a teaching career that he never anticipated in 1982 with the New Jersey Department of Corrections.  First as an instructor of, what else, radio production for adjudicated male juveniles in the state’s largest facility of that kind.  He was extremely fortunate to be able to nurture an educational program and curriculum that soon would include video production. While the field of commercial radio remained virtually unchanged for years except for the styles in music of course, video production on the other hand was growing in leaps and bounds.  Soon he found himself determined to learn these new skills that he was never exposed to in college.

Starting with bulky cameras with attached video tape recorders, carefully selecting your footage and painstakingly editing your video from one tape machine to another, which was once the province of television and cable stations only, was now in the reach of a growing field of wide-eyed enthusiasts.

With the introduction of computers into the world of videotape editing it has increased production values tenfold.  It was a paradigm shift for some but just the impetus for Keith to raise production standards to the utmost level he holds them to today. Now some 30 years later he’s still learning new tricks in this fascinating field of digital video production. Accomplished as a writer, videographer, editor and motion graphics specialist it’s safe to say he’s found his true passion.              .



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